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The major project target is a complete Microsoft .Net Micro Framework port for Texas Instruments LM3S9B96 an ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller which installed on great Stellaris development board.


Stellaris LM3S9B96 MCU with fully-integrated Ethernet, CAN, and USB OTG/Host/Device
Bright 3.5" QVGA LCD touch-screen display
Navigation POT switch and select pushbuttons
Integrated Interchip Sound (I2S) Audio Interface
8 MB SDR SDRAM module (attaches through the EPI signal breakouts)
MicroSD card interface
LM3S9B96 I/O available on labeled break-out pads
ARM® 10-pin JTAG debug connector with input and output modes
1 GB MicroSD Card, 128 MB USB Flash Drive
Ethernet cable, CAN ribbon cable, USB and JTAG cables





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